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Investment Case

  • Type Citizenship by Investment
  • Tenure : N/A
  • Timeline : 6 Months
  • Guide Price : €2,400,000
  • Rental Guarantees : N/A
  • Yield : N/A


A "jewel" of a Mediterranean island and the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the island of Cyprus combines a rich natural and archaeological heritage with a great natural beauty and a welcoming population! For foreigners, the country is as welcoming as it is financially appealing. English is widely spoken - it appears on road signs and public notices almost everywhere - and vehicles drive on the left, making it all feel extremely comforting and familiar to some visitors. Tourism is only one of a number of powerful market forces that are now coming into alignment in Cyprus. The financial services sector is a thriving and steadily expanding, which is prompting a sizeable influx of overseas professionals and simultaneously building up Cyprus' own population of affluent executives. In and of itself, this would be a significant driver of new demand for quality accommodation, but it coincides with an even newer development that could utterly revolutionise the country's economy and, thus the entire Cyprus property market: the discovery of substantial gas and oil reserves.

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