Strategic Rental Property

Student Accommodation, Residential Investments & Vacation Rentals


Rising returns

United Kingdom

With one of the world’s strongest “Buy to Let” markets, the UK offers a range of very structured property investments offering high yields in areas that attract very high tenancy levels. [view]

Rising property prices

United States of America

As the world’s largest economy and an ever-growing population, there exists a range of highly lucrative property investment opportunities in various areas experiencing rapid growth. [view]

Stable exit strategy


A range of investment opportunities outside of the more traditional markets of the UK and USA. Typically in the residential or vacation homes sector, they offer high yields often over fixed income periods. [view]


Stable exit strategy

Residential Investments

A more traditional property, our residential units are located in high demand areas with rapidly growing young professional populations providing high tenancy rates. Fully managed, these properties offer high yields often with medium term fixed income. [view]

Stable exit strategy

Residency Visas

These opportunities combine traditional property investments with a range of residency and citizenship options as offered by the host country. Most notably within the European Union and the USA. [view]