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Investment Case

  • Type Citizenship by Investment
  • Tenure : N/A
  • Timeline : 12-18 Months Starting 2021
  • Guide Price : €750,000
  • Rental Guarantees : N/A
  • Yield : N/A


Over the past few years, Malta has seen a drive by successive governments to promote the islands' development as a reputable international business, financial and maritime centre. as a result of Malta's membership of the European Union and the adoption of the Euro, and also because Malta complies with the policies and directives of international organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Malta enjoys an excellent reputation and track record and is not included in any 'black-list' of tax havens or low tax jurisdictions. Malta is an ideal place to take up residency. Besides its pleasant climate, safe environment and hospitable English-speaking population, it offers various benefits to persons who decide to acquire residency in Malta.

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